Industrial Doors

We can provide you with your Industrial Door solution from Shop Fronts to Industrial Sheds. Please browse through our range below and contact us if you require a quote or further information.


Rolling Doors

  • Roll-A-Door Series 2 Traditional Industrial
    The Roll-A-Door Series 2 Traditional Industrial door gives higher standards of durability, performance and importantly, operational ease.
  • Roll-A-Door Series 3 Squareline Industrial
    The Series 3 Squareline Industrial Roll-A-Door is a strong, reliable industrial rolling type door. A distinct feature of this door is the small amount of room required above the lintel to accommodate the curtain roll. Perfect for tight headroom situations or where maximum opening height is important.
  • Roll-A-Door Series 1 Mini Warehouse
    B&D’s Mini-Warehouse Roll-A-Door® offers the durability and security required by storage complex owners, while retaining the ease of operation and quality finish of B&D’s residential garage doors. Due to B&D’s manufacturing capacity, mini warehouse orders can be responded to quickly, therefore minimising lead times.
  • Firmadoor Series 2 Light Industrial
    The Firmadoor Series 2 Light Industrial Roll-Up door is the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications, as it provides high standards of durability, performance and importantly, operational ease.


  • B&D Envir-A-Shutter
    Stylish, silent and ecologically friendly the B&D Envir-A-Shutter has arrived.
  • Roll-A-Shutter 4/100
    Designed to meet the demands of the high volume multi door warehouse and factory units market.
  • Roll-A-Shutter 8/50
    Ideal for kiosk, shops, trucks or vans
  • Roll-A-Shutter 6/100
    Suits commercial and industrial openings
  • Roll-A-Shutter 8/100
    Designed to economically fulfil requirements
  • Roll-A-Shutter 10/100
    Custom built industrial door with options for ventilation and light.
  • B&D Toughpanel
    The B&D Toughpanel is a steel sectional overhead door, suitable for heavy duty industrial and commercial applications.
  • B&D P7 Industrial
    The P7 Industrial sectional overhead door has been specifically designed for industrial and commercial applications.
Shopfront Doors


  • Roll-A-Grille Security
    The Roll-A-Grille Security commercial rolling grille successfully combines medium level security with unimpeded visibility and a high level of airflow.
  • Roll-A-Grille 19mm Aluminium
    The Roll-A-Grille Commercial provides extra strength and ventilation, with the added good looks of aluminium.


  • Clear-A-View Glazed Roll Up
    The Clear-A-View glazed roll-up door comprises a series of glazed panels rolling on a unique drum design, ensuring the panels provide exceptional clarity. Suitable for shopping centre arcades, clubs, hotels, restaurants, street frontages and separation of indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Clear-A-View Roll-A-Shutter
    The Clear-A-View roller shutter provides security and natural light flow, whilst also ensuring no lost floor space, and no vermin or dust with its pilfer proof design. Suitable for shopping centres, clubs, video shelves, entrances, book stores and food handling areas.
  • Roll-A-Shutter Mini
    With minimal space requirements the Roll-A-Shutter Mini is ideally suited to a wide range of commercial applications including counter tops, equipment cabinets, bottle shops, doorways, canteens and sports complexes. The Roll-A-Shutter® Mini slat shutter is designed with security in mind.
Speciality Doors
  • Tilting Door
    One piece tilting panel with Tilt-A-Door pivoting arm fittings at the side of the openings. The B&D Tilting door is made up of a one piece tilting panel with Tilt-A-Door pivoting arm fittings at the side of the openings. This is a highly versatile door which is popular in underground car parks.

If you would like any information on these products, please contact us.